Amour Leeanna LLC. is named after the CEO’s late grandmothers “Annie Lee” and  Evelyn “Lean” which is where she inherited her name from. I didn’t choose to be a entreprenuer and to dominate the beauty industry I was born into it. My mother has been a cosmetologist for over 35 years including while carrying me. 

          I started my beauty career in 2007 by selling Mary Kay to make extra money. A few years later 2010 i started doing nails and teaching others how to do nails. After dominating the industry, I decided to pursue my passion for beauty by attending ASM Beauty World Academy in 2014. I graduated top of my class and received my license in Makeup and Skincare. Throughout my beauty Career I worked for some of the top beauty brands such as Dior, YSL, Anastasia, Urban Decay, KatVonD, Becca, Laura Mercier, Benefits, TooFaced, MakeupForever, Nars, Lancome, Smashbox, Philosophy, Clarisonic, Stila,  etc. The last position I held was a direct assistant to the manager at Estée Lauder being one of the top 2 sellers in the district of over 40 doors.

            In 2017 I realized I was great at managing money and businesses therefore I decided to take a break from the makeup industry to build and rebrand my business. I enrolled back in to school for Business Management and Accounting. Doing so has helped me successfully launch my very own Amour Beauty Line and manage numerous businesses. Over the years I have coached many young entrepreneurs and businesses build a better foundation for their company. Which has now put me in a position to offer management services and business coaching to help companies properly build their business.


       It's not just money, it's not even just business, it's my passion, a way to express myself....






"The Better You"



At Amour Leeanna LLC. we are passionate about providing total customer satisfaction. Our sole purpose is to make your goals as less stressful  and achievable as possible.



“Help restore confidence one smile at a time”.