Thank you for choosing Amour Leeanna LLC. for all your beauty needs. Prior to making an appointment please read services carefully to find the one that best suits you. When booking an appointment you will be prompted to pay a deposit, deposits are to secure your appointment and are Non Refundable or Transferable ! No service will be rendered without a deposit, if your deposit is not paid directly after booking your appointment it will be cancelled. Once your appointment is scheduled and your deposit is received you will then receive a confirmation from your Makeup Artist / Esthetician.


Skin Care



Charcoal Mask                 $10

Mud Mask                         $20

Mini Facial                         $45

Facial                                  $65

Facial Cleansing                $30

Deep Pore Facial               $55

Oxygen Facial                    $60

Acne Relief Facial              $65

Aromatheraphy                 $7

Hand / Foot Massage       $7



Brow                                $10

Upper Lip                        $12

Chin                                 $15


Facial Packages

Ladies Night                   $250

Sleeping Beauty             $450




Pamper Me Facials  (Sun-Wed 9am-2pm)            $35



     *The Pamper Me Facial is offered every monday through wednesday from 9 am to 2 pm. This service is a mini facial including deep cleansing of the skin, and exfoliation. May add a specialty mask of your choice for additional fee. Please contact us prior to booking this service to insure there is still availability.


     *The Oxygen Facial is our most talked about facial. While sending a burst of oxygen into your skin, it will  deep cleanse your skin leaving it brighter and more radiant. This service removes dead skin cells from the surface by detoxifying your skin and unclogging any blocked or congested pores.


      *The Ladies Night Package is a fun filled night of mini facials, pampering, and cocktails for 5 friends. 


      *Sleeping Beauty Package is similiar to the ladies night package. Where a group of 6 ladies will be pampered for the night.  Enjoying everything from pampering, mini facials, cocktails and learning to properly apply basic makeup. This package also includes complimentary bottle of wine, mini appetizers, and goodie bags.





Eye Brow Arch          $7                

Arch &Fill in               $12              

Brow Tint                   $15       

Brow Wax                  $10              

Brow Wax &Fill in     $17            







Lashes (additional to any service)                         $5

Amour Minks (additional to service)                     $15

Glitter  (additional to any service)                         $10

Nude Face (Foundation ONLY)                               $30

Bare Face (Brows, eyes &lips)                                 $35                   

Full Face                                                                     $65

Full Face (With Highlight &Contour)                      $75

Glam Face (Highlight, Contour &Glitter)               $85

Amour Prom highlight, contour &glitter)             $75

Acne Full Face (Requires more product)              $75

Acne Full Face (Highlight &Contour)                     $85

Photoshoot                                                               $100

Amour Prom Princess Package                             $205



Amour Princess Package                                        $205



Beauty Hour (Sun-Thur 9am-2pm)                      $50

Amour Princess                                                      $50

Bring a friend (Price for both)                               $



     *Amour Prom Princess is a full face of glamour makeup that includes deep cleansing of the face, full face makeup, eye lash extenstions, highlighting and contouring. Client may choose to add glitter glamour for an additional $5. To receieve this discount service miust be paid for no later than 30 days prior to your appointment ! 


     *Amour Princess Package includes full face glamour makeup for 3 seperate occasions such as senior pictures, prom, cap & gown pictures, or Graduation day. This service also includes a complimentary nude face of makeup with one to two eyeshadows or a mini facial. This complimentary service can be used for Homecoming, senior breakfast, gradbash or any other events within the senior year. To render these services package must be paid for atleast 90 days prior to the first appointment date. As well as booking your event / appointment dates 20 days in advance!   






Bottom Lashes        $10

Strip Lashes             $15

Single Lashes           $20

Strip Lashes             $25

Amour Minks           $15

Mink Application     $20

Mink Fill-in               $50 

Mink lashes             $100 &up

Amour Wedding
Retail & Trainings

Beautiful Begginnings

Bridal Consultation                    $75

Wedding Party of 5 or less        $85 

Wedding party of 6 or more     $75


Amour Bride                               $125 

Amour Royal Bride                    $200

Amour Bridal Party                   $550

Amour Royal Bridal Party         $750



Amour Bride                             $200          

*This service includes the brides consultation and bridal glamour for bride.

Amour Royal Bride                  $250        

*This service includes brides consultation, bridal glamour for bride and a choice of complimentary makeup for your bridal shower or a mini facial prior to your wedding day.


Amour Bridal Party                 $550         

This package includes bridal glamour for the bride and up to 5 bridesmades. There is a seperate charge for traveling and parking fees if applicable.


Amour Royal Bridal Party       $750 
*This is a great service for brides that want to be fully pampered prior to their wedding. This package includes the brides consultation, bridal glamour for the bride and up to 7 bridesmaids, as well as complimentary makeup for your bridal shower. 
A mini facial will also be gifted to bride prior to your wedding day, along with a bottle of wine and a goodie bag for the bride to be.



Amour Cosmetics

Amour Glitter                                  $3

Amour Blender                               $4

Amour Mink Lashes                       $15

Amour Mink W/ Application         $20




"Got Brows"                $30

"Beauty & The Beat "   $150

*Learn how to properly apply foundation, the art of freehand eyebrow sculpting, and basic eye shadow application.*


"Got Face"                   $250

*The trainee will be taught my makeup techniques step by step. The art of free hand eyebrow sculpting, basic eyeshadow application, flawless foundation applications, highlighting &contour. As well as how to properly apply false eye lash extensions.

"Go Pro"                   $350

*The trainee will be taught my makeup techniques step by step, includes daily skincare routine using dermatologist best recommended products. The art of free hand eyebrow sculpting, positioning of different eye shadows, flawless foundation applications, highlighting &contour. As well as how to properly apply false eye lash extensions. Depending on your preference you will be giving the choice to learn either on yourself or provided with one of our models for additional $50. The "Go Pro" trainee  will learn about the basic essentials needed to build your makeup kit with goodies provided upon completion of the class.  


*Traveling fees varies depending on how far your venue is, therefore it is not included in services and will be added at a later time.

*Parking fees if applicable must be paid for the Makeup Artist, Esthetician, and or Stylist upon arrive in order for services to be rendered.

**Late Fees**

So that we may better accommodate you and all our other clients Late fees are strictly enforced! We ask that you please be courtesy enough to make it to your appointment promptly. Although we do understand that things happens and emergency can occur, therefore we will wave late fees up till 9 mins after you scheduled appointment with prior notification to the artist. After 10 mins of your scheduled time a late fee will be applied, after 20 minutes your appointment will be cancelled causing you to loose your deposit!